Introduction to R&D Research and Development


Hello, the R&D center of Daeha Corp. is currently taking a challenge on the new technology for innovations in material technology and the future of a high-polymer industry.

Our R&D center, after its establishment in February 1998, has contributed to the development and invention of high-polymers being applied to the industries of automobile and household electric appliances. Plastic, which has come in the limelight as our society currently became industrialized, escapes from the preexisting image of the low-quality alternative material and has become a new material which will bring a big change to the world, contributing to the development of various industries as a leading component of biotechnology and nanotechnology industry.

Following such a trend, our R&D center is researching and developing various functional high polymers(PP) which can be applied to materials inside and outside automobiles. We are relentlessly endeavoring to develop an innovative enhancements of existing properties of matters coming from applications of low density material, high flowing bumper, cloth looking material, metal effect, eco-friendly polypropylene material and other nano materials. We are also doing our best for compounding technology development and enhancement on injection technology by grafting our own CAE analysis tools.

All these achievements were made possible by the endeavors and contributions like undying fires in research and development that our R&D center of Daeha Corp. has devoted. However, the world market is under dynamic changes. In order to effectively cope with the market with a dynamic change, we promise to make consistent endeavors to make the world more beautiful, relieveing and convenient with new material and new product development, new technology development and dissemination, R&D supports, innovations in approximant technology, and suggestions for future visions. Hoping that each drop of sweat of ours can help technology development of everyone, we would like to look forward to your consistent attentions and guidance for further developments.

Thank you.


General Status

Date of establishment1998.02
Organization chartChanges in exterior development team, interior development team, color development team, technical support team
Personnel management systemChief researcher - senior researcher – senior fellow - researcher