History of the company

Let us introduce the path that Daeha Corporation followed from the beginning since 1990.

After the taking over and beginning this business from Doowon Corp., which has continued its simultaneous business management from 1991, we are achieving the consistent sales development every year since the beginning of our business, with the improved productivity and accumulated technical skills over 30 years.


Main History

  • 1990Establishment(SINCE 1990.11)
  • 5000Ton1992Five (5) production facility extruding machine

    Began contract with HMC Group
  • 5000Ton
    2011Achieved exports of 15,000,000 USD
    Achieved sales of 200,000,000,000 USD
    Began operating a factory in the United States
  • 120,000
    2015Seventeen (17) production facility extruding machine
    Establishment of a Mexican branch
  • 120,000
    Ton +
    2018A factory in India
    Establishment of a European branch